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Essential Oils are a fantastic way for you to experiment with natural wellness and healing. There is a great amount of information out there for beginners, and oils for wellness are less intimidating than ever. Typically oils can be purchased as a single oil or as a combination of oils, or “blend.” Oils can be diffused into a room, diluted into a carrier medium and applied topically. (*NOTE: Ideal Life Mom does not encourage the internal consumption of essential oils.)

Oils can be used-effectively-for just about any purpose you can imagine. ‘Round here we fight viruses, control nausea, ward off bugs, use them for cleaning and skin care, detoxify, de-stress, improve sleep…well…there just aren’t many areas of life where you can’t use a good oil!

The key to using oils is quality. You need a 100% PURE, THERAPEUTIC GRADE oil. Most people get started with oils because they have some interest in homeopathy and/or lowering toxic and adulterated chemical use in their homes. I would implore you…don’t compromise the results you can get by using a lower quality, diluted, sub-standard, or synthetic oils. You will NOT see the same outcomes, and you may be disappointed or disillusioned. Oils are an investment, and they last a LONG time!!!!

That said, my favorite provider is Simply Aroma. This is because I feel like we get the best “bang for the buck” with their product. I’m happy with the quality, and the price doesn’t make PackDaddy cry. Win-Win!


Simply Aroma’s Quality Standards

Simply Aroma stands by the quality of our products. Below are a few facts about our quality standards:

Our essential oils are Certified 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade, the highest grade available for essential oils.

Simply Aroma only associates ourselves with companies that have the best development, manufacturing facilities, and track record.

Our essential oils are one of the safest and the most rigorously tested essential oils available today.

Mass spectrometry and gas chromatography are used to ensure the quality of the composition of our products.

Our essential oils do not consist of any fillers or artificial ingredients that could hamper performance.

Simply Aroma sets high standards for our therapeutic grade products with a 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade label. This label tells consumers some facts about the oil:

Come from high quality plants

Grown and harvested to the highest standards

Strict guidelines used for extracting and bottling

And a guarantee that every essential oil is tested by an outside company for purity

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