Essential Oils-Join Free Promo


Interested in essential oils, but just getting started? My supply company is hosting a short “Join Free” period…you’ll get a $100 kit (with basic oils and a diffuser) FREE! Pay only shipping (about $20.) OR upgrade your kit and get $100 off!

1) Go to:

2) Watch the “Getting Started” webinar

3.) Get a code for $100 off, which makes your basic kit free or your upgraded kit less! Pay shipping only (mine was around $20.)

4.) Remember to join my team! (Aimee Schneider)

About idealifemom

Oft overwhelmed and underfunded CEO of everything at home. Following the births of our three youngest children, I came to realize that unless I employed a nanny, a chef, a trainer, an accountant, a maid, a personal shopper, and at LEAST 3 of us was going to have to become the in-home expert on everything. That someone was me. This is my journey....welcome aboard!

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