Beauticians Are A Chatty Bunch….


I am a firm believer in the importance of talking to your children, from a young age. Kids these days get too little stimulation when they’re allowed to “plug in” to the TV, and then the iPad, and then the DSi, and then the PS3…you get my drift. Actual conversations, though, strengthen your family bonds, improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills, and are…well, overall amusing.

Sometimes it’s hard to stretch myself thin enough with all the cubs in the Den, so I was quite pleased to have some down-time this afternoon to play with just Bun. Bun is my Diva. She has a very distinctive opinion about pretty much everything. She has a better fashion sense than I, and certainly isn’t shy about being fabulous for any occasion. She decided that I was much overdue for a trip to the salon-probably true. And since visiting a 5yr old is within the budget, I made sure the room was free from scissors and then gave her free reign to ply her trade.

As I sat and chatted with her about her aesthetic prowess, I inquired as to whether she would prefer to work from home, or had ever considered “opening a shop.”  She considered momentarily, while holding bobby pins in her lips and brushing away furiously.

“I like hair, but grown-ups are boring. Kids like me know that rainbows and sparkles are fab-lee-ous. Grownups just want red and yellow and brown, all the time. And then when they’re old the don’t even let you do that.”

Well, she had a pretty valid point. I asked her what she would suggest for my new ‘do.

“Probably some green and swirly purple sparkles, with butterflies and flowers.”


“Colors make people happy, Momma, and maybe moms would be more happy with fab-lee-ous hair. Let me grab the scissors, and I’ll fix it right up!”

Unfortunately, I did have to turn down her suggestion…after all, we live in a small town. She was also quite disappointed that I was not going to allow the scissors.

With a great sigh, she informed me that I was exactly why she would probably just choose another job. She says that her second choice would be ‘putting the pickles on sandwiches at McDonald’s.’ (McDonald’s sounds very intriguing to our littles, since they are seldom allowed to go there.)


Anyway, my trip to the chatty beautician gave me a special appreciation today for my Bun and her outlook on the world. Maybe she’s right. Maybe we all need a little more fab-lee-ous in our days. I certainly hope that she grows up with enough confidence and independence to rock that green-and-purple-sparkly-butterfly-flower ‘do one day.

About idealifemom

Oft overwhelmed and underfunded CEO of everything at home. Following the births of our three youngest children, I came to realize that unless I employed a nanny, a chef, a trainer, an accountant, a maid, a personal shopper, and at LEAST 3 of us was going to have to become the in-home expert on everything. That someone was me. This is my journey....welcome aboard!

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